Our History


The Binational Center of Guayaquil (CEN) was founded on May 4, 1951 by a group of Guayaquil elites that wanted to strengthen social and cultural ties between Ecuador and the United States. The first location of the institution opened at the following address: 212 Diez de Agosto Street and Pedro Carbo Street, which began with a small group of people who were eager to learn English.

The headquarters of the institution were opened to the public on August 29th, 1972, in a building that in the same year of its construction, received the urban merit award. In March, 2012, it was declared a Cultural Heritage of the Ecuadorian State. In this building, with a permanent art gallery, 40 classrooms, a library, a language lab, conference rooms and an auditorium for 500 people; the CEN was able to create a space where culture and education can coexist side by side.

The expansion of the institution continues, in 2010 CEN Urdesa was inaugurated in the northern sector of Guayaquil, which is an ideal place for learning as it contains spacious green areas and modern facilities, and now we are opening our new headquartes in the city of Quito thanks to a cooperation agreement between CEN and Quito Turismo, with the endorsement of the United States Embassy and Quito City Hall.