Social Responsibility

 The CEN approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is to contribute to a sustainable society, preserve environmental resources and promote education and culture throughout all social classes.

Our initiatives include:

-The College Horizons Scholarship Program, which was developed in conjunction with the United States Embassy, has benefited 218 students between 14 and 16 years old that are from under privileged provinces. The program objective is to expand each student’s horizons so that they may have the opportunity to participate in university projects that can improve their living conditions.

College Horizons Scholarship Program

grupo college horizons 

-CEN awards scholarships to students with disabilities and outstanding youth in the community. For instance, foundations like Huancavilca and Children of the Future help us accomplish this goal.

-CEN sponsors a daily snack for 53 children at "Ronda de Ángeles" kindergarden, an organization that is also a home for disadvantaged children. 

-CEN provides assistance to Good Shepherd’s Sister Congregation, a group that has been active for twenty years. The organization facilitates an educational training program for women so that they may learn various trades.

-CEN organizes free culture events that are open to the public all year round.

-CEN collaborates with other institutions to design agreements that promote cultural, environmental and social development, such as the Guayaquil Symphony Orchestra, Preludio Academy, Prefectura del Guayas, among others . 

-CEN sponsors international, native English speakers to come down to Ecuador to enrich the EFL teacher – training in the local community.

Social Responsability Program

 responsabilidad social

responsabilidad social2