Words by our Director General

It is truly an honor for me to have been selected as General Director of the CEN. I know of the important sitial the CEN has in the cultural promotion and dissemination, and I have evaluated first-hand the high level of the English language use that their students achieve, so that is very much welcome, but also a strong challenge, joining a team with mystique of hard work and high level of self motivation.

My primary goal is to contribute so that CEN enters deeply into the minds and hearts of the Ecuadorian people, so that they benefit from the knowledge of systems, customs, and development of American society. Also that the Ecuadorian culture is mostly known and spread among U.S. citizens to continue adding to what the world mostly needs which is a respectful understanding among Nations, so that every day the number of people willing to work with global mindset and with the firm conviction that the two countries should be partners and friends will multiply.
Arq. Johnny González Maldonado Edu.M.S.