CEN Jazz Ensemble

CEN Jazz Ensemble

The CEN JAZZ ENSEMBLE is sponsored by the Ecuador-United States Cultural Center and was created to encourage jazz appreciation throughout our country. The band also helps to support the education of new musicians along with exposing new audiences to jazz genre.

The group members of the CEN JAZZ ENSEMBLE include Jonathan Aguirre, the guitarist, who was a member of the Republica de Francia High School’s Symphony Orchestra. Aguirre is a licensed musician and he received his training from The Catholic University of Guayaquil. Joel Icaza, the keyboardist, who is a graduate student in music at The Catholic University of Guayaquil. Miguel Aguilar, the drummer, was born in Argentina and is presently a teacher at Logos High School.  Orlando Salvador, bassist, who has been a part of various local groups and is currently a music teacher. Emanuel Espinoza, the saxophonist and also a music teacher. The CEN Jazz Ensemble Director is Freddy Bolaños, who is a musician with wide experience, and formerly known as the Band Director for Bolaños Jazz.

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The CEN JAZZ ENSEMBLE has performed in many concerts since its inception in July 2012. The group has visited several cultural institutions in Guayaquil such as: The Art Theater, House of Culture in Guayaquil, French Alliance, Sanchez Aguilar Theater and the Garza Roja Foundation, The Sucre Theater in Cuenca and the House of Culture in Loja among others.  The CEN JAZZ ENSEMBLE’s first CD, The Beginning, features original contemporary jazz tracks and a cover song.

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