Culture & Art


Since 1951, the cultural activities have been very intense and varied. Cultural and artistic events are the most appropriate means to abide by our mission to spread the Ecuadorian and American cultures. Exhibitions, workshops, concerts, book releases, conferences, film festivals, and other activities are a part of our service to the community. Implementing different expressions of art is the starting point to promote and contribute to talent development.

This year's agenda includes art exhibitions, musical performances, book launches, Ecuadorian and American national holiday celebrations, literary forums, seminars on notable people from the United States, films and academic conferences.


If you're interested in performing at our cultural center please contact us:

Recent Activities

Native Jazz Quartet


On International Jazz Day, April 30, The Embassy and General Consulate of the United States presented the Native Jazz Quartet in the auditorium at Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano (CEN). The Native Jazz Quartet is a United States band that proposed a new and emotional message, forever converting their performances into cultural stories.


Fighter Silva: The Pure Sax 70


Celebrating 70 years of a musical career is an achievement that very few artists can enjoy. Silva Parra did so yesterday in our Auditorium, where he shared the stage with musicians such as Omar Montalvo, Joel Alleguez, Enrique Gonzáles, Carlos Prado, Mariachi Monterrey and Mery Aráuz. Their children, Medardo and Luis Silva, Carlos Vera and Mariano Larrea, also accompanied them.

El CEN Jazz Ensemble also participated in the celebration as they hosted the concert.


Release of the CEN Jazz Ensemble: The Beginning


The Beginning is the first jazz album sponsored by the CEN. The groups’ album was recorded and produced in Guayaquil and mastered in California, USA. It contains eight songs, seven are original compositions, and were written by the musicians and the director of the band, Freddy Bolaños. The cover paid tribute to Bobby Caldwell, an American jazz musician.